Cot FAQs

What Should You Look For When Buying a Cot?

Maximum Weight Capacity

Check the weight rating of the cot. You will find most cots carried in the box store at rated for under 250 pond capacity. 


Military Style Cot
Dimensions - Make sure the cot is long enough and wide enough to support your entire bod. comfortably.


Look for stability and solid construction.  Make sure the cots does not squeak or "rack" around.  The material should be durable and the stitching around the seams should be well done to avoid potential unraveling and tearing.
Folding Cot


Many cots come with storage bags that are easy to carry, or they fold in half and are easy to store  in a closet or storage space.

Other Considerations

Military cots can be a pretty basic sleeping surface.  Often people will add a sleeping bag or pad on top of the cot for extra comfort.

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